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Consistent stock availability

Certified product quality

Flexible delivery times

State of the art production technology

Cristofoletti Lamiere was founded in 1945 and in time, solidified a leading position in the metalworking sector, specializing in the most advanced technologies of oxi-fuel flame and hd plasma cutting. 

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Total plant surface amounts to 10.000 sq.m. with 7.000 sq.m of it being dedicated to covered material stock. High availabilty of various material qualities allows us to respond to the most variable inquiries, guaranteeing production flexibility and among the best delivery times in the market. 

Cristofoletti Lamiere supports the client from the initial choice of the most suitable material to the type of cutting technology for a specific application.

Upon request, we can supply particular steel qualities, and perform specific material controls, taking advantage of our tight network of collaborators, including steel mills and specialized laboratories. 

Cristofoletti Lamiere firmly believes that client satisfaction is the principal factor of success. Our objective is to continually improve the production and service quality level and build on the customer trust gained in many years of business.

Oxyfuel cutting up to 650mm

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Flame cutting up to 650mm 

Plates cut to measure

Extensive stock in heavy plates

Specific controls on request

Cristofoletti Lamiere is highly specialized in steel cutting. Stocking and cutting heavy plates up to 650 mm is our core business.


We maintain a consistent stock of first class material from various producers around the globe, which allows us to satisfy client inquiries in the shortest time possible.

On request, we trade plates as rolled or shortened to measure. 

Using a dedicated network of partners we provide certification of specific quality controls. 

HD plasma cutting

Plasma cutting up to 50 mm

Stainless and Carbon steel

Double torch cutting


We maintain extensive availability of plates in stainless and carbon steel.

Our plasma cutting machines are equipped with two torch heads which allows us to  minimize porduction times and costs.

Plasma cutting technology allows us to produce any type of shape design up to 50 mm of thickness, ensuring absolute precision and efficiency.

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Steel qualities in stock

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Non-alloy structural steel 

Suitable for civil and industrial construction.

Available in thickness from 3 mm to 650 mm.

S235 / 275 / 355 (EN 10025/10029)

C40 / 45 (UNI 8787 / UNI EN 10083)

Wear resistant steel

Suitable for applications exposed to heavy wear, such as industrial trucks, earth-moving machinery, presses and mining equipment. 

Available in thickness from 10 mm to 100 mm.


High strength steel

Suitable where high stresses are involved. The material's excellent weldability and high resistance to load makes it particularly useful for applications like the fabrication of truck bodies, crane beams and highly stressed machinery parts, maintaining low weight and longer product life.

Available in thickness from 6 mm to 100 mm.

S 690 QL (EN 10137-2)   

Stainless steel

Suitable for manufacturing petrochemical plants, power generation facilities and the food industry.

Available in thickness from 3 mm to 70 mm.

AISI 304/304L

AISI 316/316L

AISI 321

High pressure vessels non-alloy steel 

Suitable for manufacturing specially welded constructions, where internal pressure far exceeds external, such as pipes, pressure vessels and industrial boilers. 

Available in thickness from 5 mm to 130 mm.

P275NH (EN 10028-3)

P355NH (EN 10028-3)



Additional services

Cristofoletti Lamiere manages client drawings in any digital format and uses the most updated nesting programs available to optimize production times and minimize scrap. 

We support our clients in every decision from the choice of the most suitable material to the type of cutting technology for any specific application. 

Upon request, we are able to supply additional services including specific quality and ultrasuonic testing certificates, through specialized partners and quality laboratories. 




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